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Champagne FRANCE Barnaut CHAMPAGNE 713062 Brut Blanc de Noirs NV 12/750ML $53.99 91WA 403253 Brut Grande Reserve NV 3/1.5L $135.99 92BH 822596 Brut Grande Reserve NV 12/375ML $30.67 92BH 309869 Brut Grande Reserve NV 12/750ML $52.67 92BH 334821 Brut Rosé Authentique NV 12/750ML $49.17 91V

Drappier CHAMPAGNE Our vineyards are like family archives that perpetuate our history. We grow heirloom grape varieties that deserve to be remembered: Fromenteau, Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Blanc Vrai. While many seek to achieve sophisticated excellence, we prefer natural and authentic qualities. 294211 Brut Blanc de Blancs NV 6/750ML $51.33 834337 Brut Carte D'Or NV 6/750ML $37.33 92WS 110432 Brut Charles de Gaulle NV 6/750ML $59.99 242345 Brut Nature Zero Dosage NV 6/750ML $46.67 522624 Brut Rosé de Saignee NV 6/750ML $46.67 Gaston Chiquet CHAMPAGNE 609222 Brut Tradition NV 12/750ML $41.99 92WS J M Seleque CHAMPAGNE 900534 Brut Nature Solessence NV 12/750ML $49.17 241268 Extra Brut Rosé Solessence NV 12/750ML $66.67 238353 Quintette Chardonnay 5 Terroirs NV 1/1.5L $154.04 857980 Solessence Extra Brut NV 3/1.5L $104.99 291530 Solessence Extra Brut NV 12/750ML $53.33

Besserat de Bellefon CHAMPAGNE The historic Bellefon Château is world-renowned, in Épernay, in the heart of the Champagne region. Besserat de Bellefon has continued to be a leading European Champagne brand for over 150 years. 759068 Brut 2008 6/750ML $91.99 780166 Brut Blanc de Blancs NV 12/375ML $35.24 92+WA 193897 Brut Blanc de Blancs NV 6/750ML $61.17 92+WA 608835 Brut Blanc de Noirs NV 6/750ML $65.49 92WA "The citrus colored wine opens pure and fresh on the nose, with citrus, chalk and yeasty bread aromas intermixed with dried fruit notes. Beautifully deep and complex but so fresh as if you had to have it with oysters. The palate is dense, fresh and very complex in its mix of chalky, finessed purity and elegant, ripe fruit flavors." - Wine Advocate

809988 Brut Bleu NV 958586 Brut Bleu NV 393029 Brut Bleu NV 605604 Brut Bleu NV 774782 Brut Rosé NV 700451 Brut Rosé NV 271815 Brut Rosé NV 737355 Extra Brut NV


$95.33 91WS

1/3.0L $310.00 91WS 12/375ML $25.99 91WS 6/750ML $40.49 91WS

148474 Brut Grande Tradition NV

12/750ML $39.99

3/1.5L $125.99 92WS 12/375ML $33.67 92WS 6/750ML $55.49 92WS 6/750ML $68.49 91WE

Krug CHAMPAGNE 105247 Brut Rosé NV 310363 Brut Vintage 2004

3/750ML $310.99 6/750ML $261.49

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