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Laurent-Perrier CHAMPAGNE Founded in 1812, Laurent-Perrier has been avant-garde in creating unique and elegant Champagnes for nearly two hundred years, making it one of the world’s most esteemed Champagne brands, and also the largest family owned brand. 436014 Brut Cuvée Rosé NV 3/1.5L $159.99 94WE 944690 Brut Cuvée Rosé NV 6/750ML $75.49 94WE 883149 Brut Cuvée Rosé Butterfly Cage NV 6/750ML $74.99 94WE 851828 Brut Cuvée Rosé Gift Ribbons NV 6/750ML $75.49 94WE "This great rosé combines texture with bright fruit and a bit of age. It is poised between a ripe dosage and a crisp texture, with red fruits and toastiness marking the flavors. It is a fine bottling to enjoy now." - Wine Enthusiast

Le Mesnil CHAMPAGNE 887735 Brut Blanc de Blancs NV 730590 Brut Blanc de Blancs NV

Pierre Moncuit CHAMPAGNE 528773 Blanc de Blancs Millesime Non Dose 2006

137216 Brut La Cuvée NV 317202 Brut La Cuvée NV 911125 Brut La Cuvée NV 945307 Brut La Cuvée NV 169080 Brut La Cuvée NV 230368 Brut La Cuvée NV 571168 Brut La Cuvée NV 150558 Brut La Cuvée NV

3/1.5L $106.99 1/12.0L $1600.04 24/187ML $12.99 1/3.0L $225.50 12/375ML $27.49 1/6.0L $429.30 6/750ML $53.49 1/9.0L $579.00 6/750ML $53.49

93JS 93JS 93JS 93JS 93JS 93JS 93JS 93JS

12/375ML $25.33 12/750ML $39.33 12/750ML $46.67 12/750ML $41.33

6/750ML $67.83

163447 Brut Vintage 2013 534855 Rosé Sublime NV

958936 Blanc de Blancs Nicole Moncuit 2006 6/750ML $139.99 234684 Brut Blanc de Blancs Delos NV 1/3.0L $295.99 532999 Brut Hugues de Coulmet NV 12/750ML $50.67

93V 91V

Leclerc Briant CHAMPAGNE Leclerc Briant was an early adopter of organic practices beginning in the 1960’s and was one of the first to bottle single-vineyard Champagnes starting in the 1970’s. In the late 1980’s, Bertrand and Jacqueline’s son, Pascal, began integrating biodynamic principles and part of the production has been Demeter certified since 2003. 261664 Blanc de Meuniers Brut Zero 2015 6/750ML $160.03 93W&S 981720 Brut Reserve NV 3/1.5L $117.67 92WS 655984 Brut Reserve NV 12/375ML $32.24 92WS 128650 Brut Reserve NV 6/750ML $53.17 92WS “This is soft and creamy in texture, with a subtle, mouth watering quality that enlivens rich notes of saffron, baked quince, chalky mineral and pickled ginger. Well-knit and elegant, with a lingering, spiced finish.” - Wine Spectator

273273 Brut La Cuvée Gift Gold NV

93JS "The brioche and cooked-apple and cream character really comes through here. Full-bodied and round with fine bubbles. Flavorful and intense. Vivid, bread-dough finish. This is four years on lees. 55% chardonnay and the rest pinot." - James Suckling

653635 Brut Millesime 2008

6/750ML $81.33 12/750ML $55.99 3/1.5L $109.99 12/375ML $28.33 12/750ML $52.67

162861 Brut Rosé NV

770985 Cuvée Moncuit Delos NV 373299 Cuvée Moncuit Delos NV 533025 Cuvée Moncuit Delos NV 992956 Moncuit Cuvée Hugues de Coulmet NV

93V 93V 93V

684965 Brut Millesime 2012 526790 Brut Nature Blanc de Blancs NV 679357 Demi-Sec Harmony NV 656724 Demi-Sec Harmony NV 606620 Grand Siecle No. 23 NV 596323 Grand Siecle No. 25 NV 733626 Grand Siecle No. 25 Gift NV 614587 Grand Siecle No. 26 NV

6/750ML $67.99


6/750ML $79.99





12/375ML $29.00 91W&S 6/750ML $39.99 91W&S

Veuve Clicquot CHAMPAGNE 525541 Brut Gold Label Vintage 2012 6/750ML $78.49 307665 Brut La Grande Dame 2008 6/750ML $150.99 334370 Brut Reserve Cuvée NV 12/750ML $46.49 712903 Brut Rosé NV 12/750ML $61.49 297603 Brut Rosé Gift 2012 6/750ML $88.99 484785 Brut Rosé Jacket NV 6/750ML $59.99 324588 Brut Yellow Label NV 3/1.5L $126.67 615052 Brut Yellow Label NV 1/3.0L $321.99 102301 Brut Yellow Label NV 24/375ML $32.49 102202 Brut Yellow Label NV 12/750ML $52.49 612987 Brut Yellow Label NV 1/9.0L $1149.99 102657 Demi-Sec NV 12/750ML $52.67

1/1.5L $402.00 3/750ML $189.99 3/750ML $185.99

99JS 99JS

3/750ML $201.99 100JS "This is really something. Electric on the palate. The aromas are so complex with sliced fresh and dried ginger, subtle pie crust, tarte tatin and hints of nutmeg with some salted caramel. Toasted bread, too. Always subtle. The palate is full- to medium-bodied yet hemmed in with a freshness and balance that draws you back. Savory and vibrant. It's full of energy. Spectacular. Fascinating." - James Suckling 486282 Rosé Grande Cuvée Alexandra 2004 1/750ML $251.50 95WE 334393 Ultra Brut NV 6/750ML $64.99 93WE 646888 Ultra Brut GB RND LBL NV 6/750ML $64.99 93WE

227506 Brut Rosé NV

6/750ML $53.49 91WS 6/750ML $65.49 92W&S

868515 Extra Brut Premier Cru NV

Lilbert-Fils CHAMPAGNE 738439 Brut Blancs de Blanc NV 626007 Brut Blancs de Blanc NV

12/375ML $32.24 93WS 12/750ML $94.67 93WS

286375 Brut Blancs de Blanc Perle NV 6/750ML $75.33

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