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Hillrock Distillery is one of the world’s few “field-to-glass” whiskey producers and the first US distillery to malt and hand craft whiskey on site from estate-grown grain. Located in Hudson Valley, NY and home to perennial award-winning whiskeys.





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Caledonia Spirits Chicago Distilling

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Don Mateo De La Sierra

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El Buho Mezcal El Destilador



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BRANDY – FRUIT BRANDIES Dampfwerk Distilling




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Ten to One Rum

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WHISKIES | 50%ABV Distilled & Bottled by: Long Island Spirits, Baiting Hollow, NY





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WHISKY – SCOTCH / SINGLE MALT Crabbie’s Yardhead

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UNLEASH THE OWL 100% Agave Mezcal Made Distinct by Hand.

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CASCAHUIN MEXICO, JALISCO Tequila Cascahuin is produced in its namesake distillery in El Arenal, Jalisco, MX, in the lowlands of Jalisco (NOM 1123). Distileria Cascahuin, a family establishment, is also home to Siembra Valles tequila. 96PF / 750ML Cascahuin 48 plata is a Tequila with no dilution or filtration bottled at proof, honoring the founder, Salvador Rosales Briseño. Cascahuin Blanco 80PF / 750ML Tequila Cascahuín Blanco is a 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila, made by Tequilera Cascahuín in El Arenal, Jalisco. Cascahuín is a pre-hispanic name that means “mountain of light” and had been in production since 1904, making it one of the oldest producers in the Valles region. Cascahuin Extra Anejo 86PF / 750ML Extra Anejo is a 16-year process. Starting with 10-year-old Blue Weber Agave from the Valles Region, double distilled and rested in large wooden tanks for 4 years. The spirit is then aged in used American Oak for 2 years. Cascahuin Tahona 84PF / 750ML In search of the historical flavors of Tequila. This product is extracted 100% by Tahona. A prehispanic stone used for many years to crush the agave. DON MATEO DE LA SIERRA MEXICO, MICHOACÁN Don Mateo de la Sierra Alto 92PF / 750ML The name of this semi-wild agave is actually Inaequidens, but locally they call it Alto – due to the fact that it only grows at very high elevations. The plant can take about 12 15 years to mature. Don Mateo de la Sierra Pechuga 90PF / 750ML This recipe is extremely rare, being a Pechuga based on Cenizo instead of Espadin. The recipe comes from Don Emilio’s wife, Dona Maria. She mixes a proprietary blend of fruits and spices, and the animals used are iguana, turkey and venison.

DON & SONS USA, CALIFORNIA Don Sebastiani & Sons is a family-owned company with roots in Sonoma for over a hundred years, with a history of innovation and expressive winemaking. Sourced from premier regions and crafted using traditional methods, the Don & Sons line of spirits appeals to the cocktail drinker and connoisseur alike. Contigo Blanco Tequila 80PF / 750ML Distinctively smooth, crisp palate of lime zest, grapefruit, and tropical flowers. Pure, Authentic roasted agave flavors with a clean, citrus finish. 95 pts The Tasting Panel Magazine El Macho Añejo Tequila 80PF / 750ML 100% Blue Weber agave, harvested at their mature age of 10-12 years old. After discarding the heads and tails, the tequila is twice distilled in Jalisco, and aged for 2 years in freshly emptied American oak whiskey barrels, creating a rich, smooth and complex flavor. Gold Medal Los Angeles Intl Spirits Competition EL DESTILADOR MEXICO Triple distilled, 100% blue agave. Established in 1946 by Senor Enrique Guillermo Newton Alexanderson, it has grown into one of the most respected Tequilerias in the region. Silver 80PF / 1.0L El Destilador is triple distilled 100% pure blue agave tequila. Its pleasant flavor recalls wood and raw agave notes. Tequila Blanco High Proof 99PF / 1.0L High proof Blanco, amazing for cocktails. Exceptional quality, premium tequila. Clean aroma and pleasant flavors of cooked agave and fine wood. Reposado 80PF / 1.0L Aged in fine white oak casks, clean nose, pleasant flavor, full bodied with legs. some parts of Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. It’s made by steaming the heart (or piña) of the agave plant in above-ground ovens and then distilling the liquid in copper pots. “This roasting caramelizes the magueys (or agave plants), which gives mezcal a rich, flavorful, savory and smoky taste,” says Steven Olson, global mezcal advocate for Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal. “It is the same way that roasted potatoes become full and flavorful as compared to boiled potatoes, which by contrast are much more neutral.” —

TECHNICALLY ALL TEQUILA IS A TYPE OF MEZCAL, BUT NOT ALL MEZCAL IS A TEQUILA... TEQUILA: must be made in the Tequila region of Mexico. MEZCAL: can be produced anywhere in Mexico, although it’s typically produced in the Oaxaca region. HOW ARE THEY MADE?: Both distilled spirits are made from agave, but tequila must be made from a certain type—blue Weber agave—and it can only be produced in the state of Jalisco and



EL BUHO MEZCAL / HENRY STEELE IMPORTS USA, NEW YORK, BROOKLYN The El Buho mezcal brand, founded in 2010 by Brooklyn based chef TJ Steele, has been exclusively produced by the Jimenez Mendez family, 5th-generation mezcaleros, in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico. El Buho Mezcal Ensamble 100PF / 750ML This Ensamble is crafted from four agave plants; the Arroqueno, the Coyote, the Barril, and the Cuishe. The banana nose is balanced out by a dry, fatty mouth feel. El Buho Mezcal Espadin 92PF / 750ML / 1.0L 100% Espadin agave harvested at maturity from sus tainable and bat-friendly fields. The hand-cut agaves are slowly roasted in a stone pit fire fueled by local oak. The mash is crushed by a horse-powered taho na stone mill and fermented for 3-5 days. After two distillations the mezcal is rested in stainless steel for six months. Best in Category 2017 Spirits of Mexico El Buho Mezcal Espadin Tobala 96PF / 750ML Tobala is a rarer, wild agave form with broader leaves, takes 15 to 20 years to mature generally, expertly blended with the sweeter Espadin. El Buho Mezcal Especial Cuishe 96PF / 750ML Cuishe agave matures for about 12 years, then the agaves are cooked for 4 days with the trunk of the plant, fermented for 6 days and twice distilled in copper stills. El Buho Mezcal Especial Mango Pechuga 96PF / 750ML Approximately 600kg of mango criollo were used to The jabali agave is notorious for being the most difficult agave to work with due to the foam it produces and the lower sugar content. This agave is named after the wild boar because of it’s spikey, curved leaf resemblance to the animal. El Buho Mezcal Pulquero 96PF / 750ML This agave matures at 15-20 years of age and is typically very large floppy leaves and grows to 2 meters high or more. It is also the same plant that produces ‘pulque.’ El Buho Mezcal Tepeztate 96PF / 750ML This tepeztate comes from multiple batches of the rare agave, which grows wild off the mountainsides. The plant ages 25-30 years before harvesting and requires a 3rd distillation due to its low sugar content Bold and complex, the tepeztate’s heavier body relays its intense flavors. make this small batch of mezcal. El Buho Mezcal Especial Jabali 100PF / 750ML

G4 MEXICO, JALISCO Distilled by Master Tequilero Felipe Camarena at his innovative El Pandillo Distillery. G4=Fourth generation tequila producers. Located in the village of Jesus Maria, roughly 7000’ elevation,

i n the Los Altos region of Jalisco. 100% estate grown Blue Weber agaves, grown for 6-8 years in mineral-rich, red clay soil fields adjacent to his distillery. Roasted for 22 hours in masonry ovens, split by an axe, then slowly crushed by “Felipestein”, his mechanical tahona roller, custom built by Felipe from recycled parts. Slowly fermented over 5 days to develop flavor complexity, then distilled twice in copper pot stills. G4 Tequila Anejo 80PF / 750ML Aged for at least 18 months in American Oak bourbon barrels, the G4 Añejo adds a smooth character. Vanilla and agave notes are present in both the aroma and taste. Slight pepper, soft floral tones as well as smoky highlights. G4 Tequila Blanco 80PF / 750ML Nice minerality and forward aroma from rainwater distillation. Silky texture with slight heat. True agave, spicy, peppery, smooth and delicious with nice buttery notes and smoky elements. Complex, but pleasant sipping. G4 Tequila Extra Anejo 80PF / 750ML Aged for at least 3 years in American Oak bourbon barrels, the G4 Extra Añejo tastes provides soft notes of the blanco. Remarkably smooth, soft oakiness with leading vanilla aroma, citrus notes, hints of floral, dark berries and pure agave flavor. G4 Tequila Extra Anejo 55 Month 90PF / 750ML Limited Edition, aged 55 months in used American white oak bourbon barrels. A blend of four barrels, less than 800 bottles were made worldwide, all signed by Felipe Camarena. G4 Tequila Reposado 80PF / 750ML Aged for at least 6 months in American Oak bourbon barrels, the “rested” tequila – G4 Reposado builds on the character of the blanco, but adds to the aroma hints of peach and licorice, with a small hints of grapefruit and lighter pepper in the tasting.



LALOCURA USA, CALIFORNIA Lalocura is produced in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca, where Maestro Eduardo “Lalo” Ángeles learned to distill from his father, and where his palenque is located today. Like all traditional mezcales made in Minas, the agave piñas are roasted in an earthen oven, mashed by hand, fermented outdoors, and distilled in clay pots. Lalocura Espadin 99.8PF / 750ML Agave at harvest: 7-12 years Cook time: 5 days Fermentation time: 12 days

MAL BIEN MEXICO, OAXACA Mezcales in the Mal Bien family have been selected for the sense of place that they express. In each sip you’ll taste the land, the techniques of village tradition, and the experience of the mezcalero who produced it. Mal Bien Espadin 91.4PF / 750ML A beautiful, easy drinking mezcal that is true to the place and people who created it. Complex enough to be enjoyed on its own, at 91 proof it’s also assertive enough to shine through in cocktails where lower ABV mezcales can easily get lost. Mal Bien Green Tape Expressions Ejutla Ramirez 93.4PF / 750ML The village of Yogana is located at the southern end of the Ejutla district of Oaxaca. Like all of his neighbors, Félix is a full-time farmer. Unlike many of his neighbors, Félix is also a part-time mezcalero, working with several species of agave that he plants between rows of seasonal crops, and distills on equipment unique to Ejutla that allow his spirits can reach proof in a single pass. Mal Bien Green Tape Expressions Bicuixe Cortes 97.5PF / 750ML Felipe and his son Ageo are the 3rd and 4th generations of the Cortes family to produce mezcal in a small town in the Miahuatlán District of Oaxaca. Mal Bien Green Tape Expressions Ensamble Victor and his son Emanuel are the 3rd and 4th generations of the family to produce mezcal in the Miahuatlán District of Oaxaca, an area famous for its abundance and diversity of A. karwinskii sub-species (madrecuixe, tobaxiche, etc.). The community of Mengoli de Morelos where they live and work has a population of just under 200 people. MBT X Ramos 99.9PF / 750ML

Lalocura Tobala 98.1PF / 750ML Agave at harvest: 15 years Cook time: 5 days Fermentation time: 9 days Lalocura Tobasiche 97.9PF / 750ML Agave at harvest: 15-18 years Cook time: 5 days Fermentation time: 9 days Lalocura Cuishe 95.5PF / 750ML Agave at harvest: 14-16 years Cook time: 5 days Fermentation time: 11 days Lalocura Ensemble Espadin Tobasiche 99.8PF / 750ML Agave at harvest: 15 years, 7-12 Years Cook time: 5 days

Fermentation time: 10 Days Lalocura San Martinero 94.3PF / 750ML Agave at harvest: 15 years Cook time: 5 days Fermentation time: 12 days Distillations: Two 98.1 PF



SIEMBRA SPIRITS Committed to Sustainability, Quality and Respect for Mexico's Emblematic Spirits



Siembra Azul A highland tequila.

Siembra Valles From the lowlands of Jalisco.

Siembra Metl A select introduction to the vast landscape of mezcal and agave distillates.





SIEMBRA SPIRITS MEXICO Siembra Spirits works with small family operations, showcasing different distilleries and terroirs. All 100% agave. Their portfolio features Siembra Valles (lowlands); Siembra Azul (highland); and Siembra Metl, the first certified Mezcal Michoacáno imported into the U.S. Siembra Valles Tequila Blanco 80PF / 750ML Coats your mouth with dry spices, dates, figs, the buttery aroma of orange blossoms, flowers and copper straight from the still. Siembra Valles Blanco High Proof 92PF / 750ML Uses a slow distillation process that yields a tequila of higher alcohol content. Siembra Valles High Proof is bottled at 92 proof after resting for at least one year in glass demijohns. Siembra Valles Reposado Tequila 80PF / 750ML Has a natural sweetness reminiscent of dried fruits, cacao, coffee, tobacco, and vanilla from the barrel, and minerals and roasted notes of the agave. The finish has a pleasant bitterness signifying the maturation of the juice in the Missouri Ozark barrels. Siembra Valles Anejo 100.4PF / 750ML This añejo uses proprietary oak barrels, only used to age Siembra Valles’ sister project, Siembra Azul. Full bodied with scents of agave, nuts, toasted caramel, spices, vanilla, and floral tones. Siembra Valles Ancestral 100.4PF / 750ML How Tequila was originally made; wild fermentation, hand mashed and distilled in a wooden still. The only tequila of its kind in the world. It glazes the mouth with a soothing silky feel. Tones of sweet agave dominate the forefront as pine, bitterness, and smoke linger. Siembra Azul Tequila Blanco 80PF / 750ML Siembra Azul is made from the finest Blue Weber agave, from Arandas, Jalisco. Grown without the use of pesticides in small orchards that are owned and operated by the Vivanco family. Siembra Metl Don Mateo Cupreata 92PF / 750ML The pungent, smoky-sweet smells of the agave hit the nose like herbaceous, wet earth. Then the palate warms with a silky texture; the flavors of roasting agaves and the resinous pine bark. Siembra Metl Don Mateo Cenizo 96PF / 750ML The sap from Pine and Oyamel are principal influences in the flavor profile of this Joven Mezcal. Cenizo has a spiced, floral bouquet. Strong nut varieties come through on the nose and palate; principally almonds. It coats the mouth with burst of fruits.

MEZONTE MEXICO Mezonte is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that promotes, supports and preserves the production and practices of traditional agave spirits. They feature agave spirits from all over Mexico, with an emphasis on Jalisco and Michoacán. Pedro Jimenez, the mind behind Mezonte, works in collaboration with Mexico’s producers to ensure fair wages and recognition. Mezonte Japo 94PF / 750ML Mezonte Japo is produced by Hildegardo “Japo.” His mezcales (also called raicilla) are elaborated with endemic Agaves that grow between 12 – 25 years. Mezonte Santos Juarez 94PF / 750ML Mezonte Santos is produced by Santos Juarez in Toliman, Jalisco. His mezcales are born and processed within the volcanic soil and fermented in stone, as was done over 500 years ago. Santos is produced using Alineno and Cimarron agave, distilled in copper and parota wood. Mezonte Lorenzo 94PF / 750ML Agave distilled from Lorenzo Virgen. Over 10 different agave varietals, produced in Chancuellar, Jalisco in an underground pit oven, fermented with spring water and distille with pine wood with copper and Parota wood. Mezonte Teodoro 94PF / 750ML The municipality of Miahuatlán is possibly one of the most important traditional regions of mezcal production in Oaxaca. Teodoro, originally from this Miahuatlán and a long legacy of mezcaleros, has his own palenqueto make mezcal. He is perhaps of few Oaxacan producers that still respect the original flavors of the plant. Mezonte Tepe 94PF / 750ML Produced by Aciano Mendoza from the Tepehuano community at the border of Jalisco, Nayarit and Durango who follows the tradition of developing this spirit primarily for ritual purposes. Cenizo agave, extracted by hand and distilled in clay pots.





BROVO SPIRITS USA, WASHINGTON BroVo worked with bartenders in five cities - Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta - to develop an Amaro portfolio that reflected the terroir and palate of a place. Intended originally as limited editions, these amari became core products when both bartenders and consumers asked for more. Amaro #1 60PF / 750ML Made in the Gran Classico style – a citrus heavy amaro with a heavier spice profile with clove, cardamom, orange, lemon, and galangal, before finishing with Mexican cinnamon and pink peppercorn. The most traditional of the three flagship Amari. 5 Stars Difford’s Guide Double Gold American Distilling Institute 2014 Amaro #4 60PF / 750ML An “accessible amaro” that combines floral, citrus, and spice flavors. Starts with a hibiscus note, followed by a three stage citrus infusion, followed by eucalyptus simple syrup and a spicy cayenne finish. Mixes well with everything. 90pts Gold Medal Beverage Testing Institute 2013 Flagship Amaro #14 64PF / 750ML #14 marries Guatemalan chocolate to thyme, then moves through cinnamon, sarsaparilla, angelica, and vanilla before finishing with a strong Gentian finish. Sweetened with agave nectar. A sophisticated chocolate flavor. 96pts “TOP 100 Spirits 2016” Wine Enthusiast Amaro Kim 60PF / 750ML A superlight amaro, with aromas of elderflower and vanilla sugar. A palate of gentle floral and vanilla, with only the faintest bitterness, mingled with orange peel and white pepper. Created with Chicago bartender Peter Kim. Tacoma Punk Spicy Orange Aperitif 70PF / 750ML Hibiscus, Orange, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Cayenne, base aged in used whiskey barrels.

J RIEGER AND CO USA, MISSOURI Jacob Rieger & Company was founded in 1887 in Kansas City, Missouri, and quickly became the largest mail-order liquor house in the country. Shuttered by Prohibition, J. Rieger & Company was resurrected in 2014 by Jacob’s great-great-great grandson Andy Rieger and Kansas City bartending legend Ryan Maybee. Our Caffé Amaro is a one of a kind take on Coffee Liqueurs. Amaro (the Italian word for ‘bitter’) is a category of liqueur characterized by its bitter, herbal, and slightly sweet flavor which stems from the use of botanicals, herbs, and cane syrup. This amaro is unique in that it is brought to proof (bottling strength) using cold brewed coffee from KC roaster Thou Mayest. Caffe Amaro 62PF / 750ML An infusion of alcohol, bitter orange, peppermint and the roots of the alpine yellow gentian. Amaro Nardini is a smooth digestive liqueur with a distinct licorice aftertaste. It has a well-balanced, herbal and fruity taste, with an intense chocolate brown color. Amaro can be served straight up, chilled or on the rocks. 92pts 2016 Wine Enthusiast Nardini Bitter 48PF / 1.0L Traditional Italian aperitif with local aromatics and a very smooth finish. Orange, gentian, and Roman absinthe are skillfully blended to create a liqueur with pleasantly bitter herbal notes. its bright red color ignites a passion for flavor and a love of sharing. AQUAVIT DAMPFWERK DISTILLING USA, MINNESOTA Our brand represents innovation, creativity, and yet historical simplicity. The Dampfwerk is a family distillery located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and our goal is simple: produce outstanding spirits to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family. Dampfwerk Aquavit 86PF / 750ML Our caraway Aquavit, often referred to as Kümmel at the Dampfwerk Distillery, is a Northern German representation of aquavit. Traditional with its golden hue, the infusion of bourbon adds warming, sweet, and savory notes. NARDINI ITALY, VENETO Nardini L’Amaro 62PF / 1.0L


CHICAGO DISTILLING CO. USA, ILLINOIS Lanfray’s Trigger Absinthe 136PF / 375ML Lanfray’s Trigger highlights the traditional flavors of anise seed, fennel and wormwood. Named after Jean Lanfray, who was convicted of murder during the absinthe trials and said to be one of the reasons for the ban on absinthe in the early 1900’s.



What do they mean? In a word: Aging. V.S. (Very Special): AKA “three stars,” The youngest eau-de-vie in the blend must be a minimum 2 years old. V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale): The youngest eau-de-vie in the blend is at least 4 years old. Napoleon: A favorite of Napoleon, otherwise it just designated a blend that’s at least 6 years old. X.O. (Extra Old): The “extra” here used to mean at least 6 years old, though since April 2018 the new minimum is 10 years old. Hors d’Age (“Of the Ages”): Literally… “it is so old, it’d be impolite to ask.” It’s used to communicate a very high quality product. Vintage: A vintage brandy means that the brandy is a single blend from a single year’s harvest. There is no age limitation. — VINEPAIR.COM VS XO the Brandy Alphabet

COQUEREL FRANCE, NORMANDY Maison Coquerel is still producing its Calvados in respect of the Normand tradition, yet using today’s technology. The apples are washed and gravitationally floated to an elevator which takes them to a grating machine where they are turned into pulp.The pulp is conveyed to a press, spread out between two perforated sheets of metal and driven through two high pressure rollers. The apple-juice thus is left to ferment naturally over several months as the sugar gradually turns into alcohol. It becomes cider. It is only after this fermentation process that this cider can be distilled to produce “eau de vie de cidre” (apple brandy).” Coquerel Calvados Fine 80PF / 375ML / 750ML Coquerel Fine or VS is a blend of Calvados aged during a minimum of 2 years and selected by our cellar master in order to confer it strength and freshness, so typical of this Calvados. While tasting Coquerel Fine, you rapidly perceive the fresh apple taste associated with the vanilla notes, that result from its first months of aging in young oak – fine grain barrels. Tasting “La Fine” is like biting into an apple. 2016 Gold Medal Intl Wine & Spirit Competition Coquerel Calvados VSOP 80PF / 750ML Coquerel VSOP is Calvados known for its fruity and floral aromas resulting from a blend of Calvados aged of a minimum of 4 years. DAMPFWERK DISTILLING USA, MINNESOTA We are not just a name; we are a global family that enjoys the simplicity of a good meal and spirits. To create these spirits, we have imported a hand-hammered copper still, originating from the Schwarzwald in Baden, Germany. Like the farmers in Baden, we pride ourselves in building relationships with local orchards and suppliers to produce the best spirit possible under exacting conditions. Dampfwerk Aged Apple Brandy 86PF / 375ML Meet a more mature Tilli. This European-style Apple Brandy is hand-made from Minnesota Haralson apples, fermented with selected cider yeasts and distilled using a classical Black forest pot still to capture the delicate apple aromas. The short oak barrel rest rounds up the aromas and creates a new softer dimensions. Dampfwerk Aged Immature Grape Brandy 86PF / 375ML Meet Tilli. This American-style Grape Brandy is hand-made from the cold hardy Frontenac Gris grape, fermented with selected cider yeasts and distilled using a classical Black-forest pot still to capture the unique grape aromas. We only aged this immature brandy for six months on ex-Cabernet Sauvignon French oak barrels to allow the unique grape aromas shine through. Dampfwerk Unaged Apple Brandy 86PF / 375ML Meet Ivey. This European-style Apple Brandy is hand-made from Minnesotan Haralson apples, fermented with selected cider yeasts and distilled using a classical Black-forest pot still to capture the delicate apple aromas. BRANDY FRUIT BRANDIES

WHAT IS A FRUIT BRANDY? Opening Pandora’s box here… Putting it simply, fruit brandy is taking wine, and distilling it! You can make wine from any fruit, apples, grapes, pears, plums, or tomatoes if you will… Our German-style fruit brandy comes from apples, pears, and grapes that go through skin-on-fermentation. This just means that we use the whole fruit, mash it into a sauce, ferment it, distill it, and add water to proof it down. We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not add any coloring, flavoring, or concentrates to make our brandy FABULOUS.




BACHE-GABRIELSEN FRANCE, COGNAC The super-premium cognacs of Bache-Gabrielsen have never been available Stateside – until now. For the first time in its storied 111-year history, this family-owned cognac house is sharing their spirits with us. To mark the occasion, Bache Gabrielsen has debuted the first of its kind, innovative cognac aged in authentic American Oak barrels from Tennessee. Tre Kors VS Cognac NV 80PF / 750ML

Tre Kors is blended from 25% Grande Champagne / Petite Champagne and 75% Fins Bois cognac. Matured in casks for a minimum of two years, creating a deep amber color while maintaining a bouquet marked by fruit and the character of bright Grande Champagne Cognac. 91pts Tasting Panel American Oak Cognac NV 80PF / 750ML The American Oak is a VS, spending three years in Limousin oak and six months in used Tennessee Whiskey barrels creating distinctive character. Aromas of ripe apricot, pear, vanilla and lingering flavors of coconut, caramel and chocolate. Perfect Cognac for the bourbon drinker and incredible in cocktails! 92pts Tasting Panel XO Cognac Decanter NV 80PF / 750ML This XO is a blend of Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes sourced from the Fins Bois, Petite Champagne, and Grande Champagne regions. The Limousin oak barrels hold spirit from 10-30 years, with an average age of 20 years at bottling. XO Decanter is packaged in a squat decanter and comes in a custom box. Drinks beautifully today and will age gracefully. For our VSOP we use barrels between 4-12 years of a particular quality and history. A traditional Grande Champagne VSOP, the base is aged much longer than the legal min of 4,5 years in Limousin oak, then embarks on a 3 month ocean maturation. 96pts The Cognac Life We use our extensive experience and Limousin oak barrels in the most creative way to get the maximum effect from the Ocean Maturation. For our Commodore we use barrels of between 8-15 years of a particular quality and history. Cognac of the Year / Double Gold Wine & Spirits Petra 80PF / 750ML Barrels between 22-28 years of age, this is a Kelt family cognac of choice for family occasions and celebrations. XO Cognac 80PF / 750ML KELT XO is the legend that launched the company. Mr. Kelt wanted to recreate and improve the XOs he knew in the 1960s and 70s. He went about this with extreme attention to detail which some today misname OCD. Platinum Medal Intntl Wine & Spirits Competition Commodore 80PF / 750ML KELT COGNAC FRANCE Matured on the ocean, our cognac truly has a fascinating life of its own before it makes its way to your glass. Cognac VSOP Tour du Monde 80PF / 750ML

AGE Gracefully



ALTESINO ITALY, TUSCANY Grappa di Brunello di Altesino is 100% Sangiovese grape pomace. Distilled for the first time in 1977 by Master Distiller Gioacchino Nannoni, this grappa spends a minimum 6 months ageing in barrique. Grappa di Brunello Riserva 84PF / 375ML

NARDINI SPIRITS ITALY, VENETO Nardini Spirits of Northern Italy has amassed two centuries of distilling expertise and through rigorous quality control - from local vine to bottle, Nardini grappas are not only excellent, but completely consistent, year after year. Many producers rely on spectacularly ornate glass bottles to sell product – Nardini is about what’s inside and prefers classic simple elegance and tradition. Grappa Bianca White Label 100PF / 375ML / 1.0L Far and away Italy’s best-selling premium grappa, Nardini Bianca remains unchallenged as the connoisseur’s benchmark. Authentically high in strength, ‘Bianca’ fills the palate with an exciting sparkle, then - largely thanks to its fine balance and extraordinary distillation quality - surprises the drinker with its remarkably gentle follow-through. One of Italy’s bestselling premium grappas. Grappa Green Label 80PF / 1.0L Once only available to employees to purchase at the distillery - this 40% Nardini bottling was launched as a more approachable strength than its classic 50% ABV. Grapey woody notes with white chocolate, milk chocolate, roasted almonds and white pepper spice.

Grappa: Italy’s Firewater

The potent firewater called grappa (literally “grape stalk”) was originally produced

in the mountainous Friuli region, and has anesthetized generations of Northern Italians. Grappa is made from the fermented leftovers of the grape crushing wine process. While it may not sound that delectable, the clean and fragrant flavour of the drink is utterly enchanting. The firewater was long known as aqua vitae, the “water of life,” for its purported medicinal and restorative properties. Over the ages it was

believed to do everything from reviving the vital spirits, warming the belly (undoubted), relaxing the brain, sharpening the intellect, and clearing the vision to removing bodily impurities, repairing memory, prolonging life, and even curing the plague. The only benefit now touted—aside from inflicting raging intoxication— is its role as the ultimate digestivo —TRAVELBRAIN.US


SINGANI 63 BOLIVIA The national spirit of Bolivia, Singani is a highly aromatic, floral and citrusy unaged brandy. Singani 63 is unique among spirits to be given both a DO (Designation of Origin) and a GI (geographical Indication). Distilled at the largest singani distillery in Bolivia – Casa Real and master distiller Don Lucho. Singani 63 80PF / 750ML Highly aromatic Muscat of Alexandria grapes destined for singani production are grown at a minimum altitude of 5,250 feet in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia. Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh owns and imports Singani 63; discovered while filming Che in Bolivia. Perhaps the most versatile and mixable spirit to be found, with bright and lively flavor unlike any other spirit.

For 7 years Steven Soderbergh fought tirelessly to get this clear, mixable spirit imported into the US after first drinking it while shooting the movie “Che” in Bolivia. “Up to that point, I was used to drinking something that did one thing. I was going to have to call vodka on the phone and have that conversation – this was serious.” Soderbergh has even co-petitioned (with the Bolivian government) to the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to recognize Singani as its own unique category, not unlike Pisco and Cachaça.




PO’ di Poli Merlot, Secca/Dry 80PF / 750ML Secca/Dry. Marc from Merlot Piave and Merlot Breganze grapes made artisanally in small lots, with a discontinuous copper still. Aromas of must, freshly cut grass, hyacinth. Warming, satisfying and vigorous. 90-95pts Wine Enthusiast PO’ di Poli Moscato, Morbida/ Smooth 80PF / 750ML Morbida/Smooth. Pomace from Orange Blossom Muscat and White Muscat grapes, with a discontinuous bain-marie still. Aromas of citrus fruit, orange flowers. Mellow, tasty and broad. PO’ di Poli Pinot Noir, Elegante 80PF / 750ML Elegante. Marc obtained from Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes. Aromas of dried flowers, broom, hay, juniper. Soft, fine and velvety. PO’ di Poli Traminer Aromatica 80PF / 750ML Aromaticas marc is obtained from Gewürztraminer grapes, artisanally made, with a discontinuous copper still provided with steam pots. Aromas of balmy herbs, resin, spices. Full, firm and persistent. Sarpa Barrique 80PF / 750ML Merlot and Cabernet Grapes. Aromas of exotic fruit, citron, licorice, vanilla, full and rich on the palate. A blended marc of 60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet. Sarpa di Poli has a range of delicate aromas: fresh herbs, mint, rose petals and geranium. Rustic yet smooth, with a generous finish. Uva Viva Italia Poli 80PF / 750ML Aromatic Malvasia and White Muscat grape. Clear brandy with pronounced aromas of fresh apricots, pears and orange blossom. Delicate, fresh and flavorful, with notes that persist long into the finish. Sarpa di Poli 80PF / 750ML

Artisan producers of Italian Grappa, Brandy, Spirits and Liqueurs, this distillery is solely owned by the Poli family. Founded in 1898 near Bassano del Grappa, Veneto, the distillery is currently run by fourth generation Jacopo Poli. Poli has not only elevated grappa production to an art form but his attention to detail has resulted in exceptional brandy, spirits and liqueurs with unparalleled elegance. Arzente 80PF / 375ML / 1.75L A fine 10-year old, single-vintage brandy distilled from wine made from Trebbiano di Soave, which is low in alcohol, tannins and high acidity, ideal for production of a wine brandy. The brandy combines the delicate aromas of Trebbiano and complex toasty notes from oak maturation; smooth, mouth filling and elegant. Cleopatra Moscato Oro 80PF / 750ML Aromatic Grappa refined nearly 1 year in French oak barrique. Pomace obtained from Orange blossom and White Muscat provides aromas of meadows in flower, citrus fruit, honey, and pastry. Mellow, clean and elegant. Lamponi 80PF / 750ML Lamponi di Poli is a clear brandy with fragrant aromas of wild red raspberries that come from the mountains of Friuli Venezia-Giulia. On the palate, it is warming, full-bodied and very smooth. Moscato Grape Brandy 80PF / 375ML Jacopo Poli Moscato is a single-vintage brandy made from Moscato Bianco grapes grown in the Euganei hills in the Veneto region. Here, the soil is volcanic and the temperature is cool, creating grapes with a distinct, flavorful character and crisp acidity. The grapes are fermented in stainless steel before distillation. Pere 80PF / 750ML A clear brandy made from Williams pears from South Tyrol in Trentino-Alto Adige region. Pere di Poli has pronounced aromas of ripe pears and white blossom, soft on the palate with flavors that persist long into the finish.



BOOMSMA HOLLAND, LEEUWARDEN Family-owned Boo msma is the most traditional of the Dutch Genever-style gins made from malted barley distillate and a delicate juniper berry infusion. Boomsma Jonge Genever 80PF / 750ML Light and elegant... The palate sets this genever apart from average gin: the botanicals are delicate and subtle, this is a satisfyingly full-bodied yet incredibly smooth spirit. Its delicate blend of botanicals is best savored on the rocks, though it makes an excellent cocktail. 90pts Excellent/ Highly Recommended, Wine Enthusiast Oude Fine Old Genever 80PF / 750ML A rich, full-bodied spirit crafted with wheat spirit, malt distillate, and oak barrel aging. While it displays all the juniper notes you could hope for in a genever, it also integrates rich vanilla, apple, and baking spice notes. 94pts Excellent Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016

CALEDONIA SPIRITS USA, VERMONT Caledonia Spirits founder Todd Hardie spent five decades as a beekeeper before deciding to incorporate his raw Northeastern honey into craft spirits. Rooted in the traditions of Vermont agriculture and beekeeping, the company’s mission is to create their spirits while supporting the sustainable production of honey, food crops, dairy, and plants. This gin is a celebration of Caledonia’s special connection to the land. They use pure grain spirits as a canvas to showcase juniper berry and raw northern honey. Added just before bottling, the raw honey imparts unique floral qualities that vary with season and blossom. Double Gold Medal 2012 NY Intnl. Spirits Competition Tom Cat Barrel Aged Gin 86PF / 750ML An expedition into uncharted territories, once distilled, Tom Cat is aged in new American oak barrels for a bolder expression. The robust character of the oak mingles with the coniferous juniper, yielding an enticing aroma. A touch of raw honey leaves this revolutionary spirit remarkably approachable. When the world called for whiskey, we answered resolutely with gin. BROVO USA, WASHINGTON BroVo is a collaborative, experimental distillery. We believe in the ingenuity of bartenders, they tell us their needs, they author our recipes, they use our spirits. This is one of our quality base spirits, with volume in mind. Brovo Gin 80PF / 1.0L Juniper, lemon peel, coriander, angelica, licorice root, rose buds, cardamom. Barr Hill Gin 90PF / 750ML

SOUTHSIDE COCKTAIL 2 oz. Boomsma Oude Genever 3/4oz Fresh Lime Juice 1/2oz Simple Syrup Shake with ice; strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with mint.

Top 10 Gin Botanicals What these top 10 botanicals have in common is that they’ve all been used in gins for centuries, some even common in 17th and 18th century gins.

#5 ORANGE …the world of orange in gin is complicated. #6 ORRIS ROOT The inclusion of dried Orris Root likely owes a debt to the world of perfumery. #7 C ARDAMOM This might be the biggest mover on the list in the past decade. #8 LICORICE (CHIEFLY ROOTS) D id you know that Licorice, owing to its strong flavor, and slight sweetness, is in Old Tom style gins. #9 C ASSIA Cassia is sometimes referred to as cinnamon, especially in the United States. #10 T RUE CINNAMON Cinnamon comes from the Cinnamomum verum tree. It is native to Sri Lanka

#1 JUNIPER Juniper could be found at Paloelithic sites across Europe 10,000 years ago. People burnt juniper for its distinctive piney aroma. There are believed to be somewhere between 50–67 species of juniper in the world. According to E.U. law, gin must be predominantly flavored by Juniprus communis. U.S. laws don’t specify the species. As it only says “juniper berries,” Juniper is what gives gin its distinctive flavor. Without juniper… you don’t have gin. When you have juniper, technically, you have gin. #2 C ORIANDER Coriander are the seeds of the Cilantro plant. #3 ANGELICA (PRIMARILY ROOT) Angelica is the third ingredient in the “holy trinity” of gin, which includes coriander and juniper. #4 L EMON Did you know that the lemon is probably a hybrid of a bitter orange and the citron?

These top 10 are only the tip of the iceberg… Sorry, Lavender. Maybe next year. — THEGINISIN.COM



DAMPFWERK DISTILLING USA, MINNESOTA A MINNESOTAN TAKE ON A GIN? Knowledge and expertise of more than 140 years is at the heart of the House of Gabriel Boudier, a name that is now renowned worldwide. …synonymous with authentic tastes which we invite you to discover, enjoy and share with us. Saffron Gin 80PF / 750ML Saffron Gin: the name alone is an invitation to go on a journey. Re-discovered in the Maison Boudier archives, the recipe is the revival of a unique gin. From London to Pondicherry, Saffron Gin offers a promise of the exotic. J RIEGER AND CO USA, MISSOURI Jacob Rieger & Company was founded in 1887 in Kansas City, Missouri, and quickly became the largest mail-order liquor house in the country. Shuttered by Prohibition, J. Rieger & Company was resurrected in 2014 by Jacob’s great-great-great grandson Andy Rieger and Kansas City bartender Ryan Maybee. Together with head distiller Nathan Perry and mentor, world-renowned Tom Nichol, the J. Rieger & company was reborn Midwestern Dry Gin 95PF / 750ML Brilliant clear color. Delicate, green aromas and flavors of fresh herbs, toasted peppercorns and nuts, and delicate piney juniper with a satiny, vibrant, dryish medium body and a warming, complex, medium-length citrus custard, anise candy, minerals, and floral honey on granola finish. A silky, nuanced gin with fine flavor and elegant balance. JOPPIDAN USA, ILLINOIS Oppidan pays respect to one of the world’s oldest crafts while taking a distinctively modern perspective. Our spirits’ unique personalities can be enjoyed alone or in a cocktail. American Botanical Gin 86PF / 750ML / 1.0L We deviated from the standard London Dry style to create a unique and refreshing perspective with floral and citrus notes unseen in this category. Freshly peeled pink grapefruit. Elderflower, hibiscus, and chamomile give American Botanical Gin a light floral nose balanced by the spice of ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. Barrel Reserve Old Tom Gin 90PF / 750ML This is the first spirit in our Experiment Collection. We reimagined our standard gin by adding a smoke element and barrel aging. Grapefruit peel was smoked over pecan wood and added to the gin. From here, we aged for 3–5 months in new and used oak. Lastly, we cold smoked maple and agave syrups to transform the gin into an old tom gin and punch up the smoke. Oppidan Botanical Gin 100PF / 1.0L Loads of citrus lead the charge with grapefruit and lemon peel at the front. Backed up by floral, pepper, and ginger notes.

CHICAGO DISTILLING USA, ILLINOIS Handmade from Illinois corn and distilled in small batches. Decades before the Great Fire burned, or buildings scraped the sky, Chicago’s distilling tradition was born. During the late 1800’s our predecessors transformed the bounty of nearby farms into the whiskey that fueled a city on the make. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of that tradition. To make our craft spirits, we start

with organic grains sourced right here in Illinois. Using family recipes and techniques, we distill in small batches to ensure the best flavors and highest quality possible, every time. Barrel Aged Finn’s Gin 90PF / 750ML / 1.0L The citrus and pepper beautifully mingle with the sugary char from the barrels. With enticing notes of oak on the nose and the subtleness of the botanicals deepened. Finn’s Gin 90PF / 200ML / 750ML / 1.0L

Finn’s gin is our modern take on a classic spirit. With our fresh blend of juniper and aromatic botanicals, even the most discerning gin enthusiast will be pleasantly surprised.

DAMPFWERK DISTILLING USA, MINNESOTA A MINNESOTAN TAKE ON A GIN? Our gin is packed with 8 different types of earthier botanicals! These botanicals and their aromas give way to the feeling of walking through a forest, packed full of fallen leaves, forestry profiles, and a type of spiciness that comes from a strong coriander presence. It is a classic London Dry Gin, with juniper and citrus-forward notes, but do not be mistaken, this is not your middle of the road gin… Dampfwerk Barrel Aged London Dry Gin 96PF / 750ML A classic London Dry Gin with a heavier than typical botanical load that is woodsy and juniper forward, nishing with citrus notes. The short rest adds a softer and more complex wood pro le, making this the perfect sipping gin. Dampfwerk London Dry Gin 86PF / 750ML / 1.0L A classic London Dry Gin with a heavier than typical botanical load that is both woodsy and juniper forward, nishing with light citrus notes.



ARGIOLAS TREMONTIS ITALY, SARDINIA Tremontis Limone Liqueur 60PF / 750ML Limone is made from a selection of natural infusions and essences, extracted from the peel of ripe, pleasantly aromatic lemons, blended with the semi-processed liqueur and with the addition of sugar syrup. Brilliant lemon yellow in color with a strong fragrance of fresh lemon fruit. On the A unique Sardinian liqueur made from the berries of the Mirto (Myrtle) plant. Myrtle is one of the most distinctive essences of the Mediterranean and has long been recognized for its healing properties. This liqueur is violet red in color with herbal aromas. It is bittersweet on the palate and backed by flavors of mint, eucalyptus, juniper and spices. Sardinian tradition is to drink Mirto at the end of a meal. It is best served well-chilled. Like a Sardinian Fernet, incredibly diverse in cocktails. palate it is sweet and pleasant. Tremontis Mirto Liqueur 60PF / 750ML

BROVO USA, WASHINGTON STATE A collaborative, experimental distillery that makes hand crafted delicious liqueurs, amaro, and vermouth to sip or mix. BroVo’s core belief rests in the ingenuity of the bartenders they work with, who express their needs, author the recipes, and use BroVo’s spirits. Real ingredients, a Real place, Real people. Boomerang Cherry Liqueur 60PF / 750ML Brovo’s Boomerang is a complex cherry liqueur, rich and thick, with lots of flavor combining cherry, apricot, walnut, cinnamon, orange, vanilla and peppercorn, then sweetened to 15% sugar. Enjoy it in a Blood & Sand cocktail, or try it mixed with your favorite bourbon. 92pts Beverage Testing Institute Chocolate Liqueur 50PF / 750ML Guatemalan cacao nibs combine with cinnamon, vanilla bean and ancho chili to form a Mexican chocolate flavor. The chocolate is light and sippable. It is finished with agave nectar to about 10% sugar. Ginger Liqueur 50PF / 750ML “WOW, THIS REALLY TASTES LIKE GINGER!” That’s because it is ginger, real ginger, grown-in-the-ground ginger. We peel the ginger and infuse it into high proof vodka. This infused base is re-distilled, sweetened with agave nectar and proofed with water. It is about 10% sugar. This is not a bold, in your face ginger, but a sweet, drinkable ginger. It makes a great base for house infusions that would use ginger as an ingredient and add other ingredients. Silver Medal- 89pts Beverage tasting Institute 2013 Lucky Falernum Liqueur 70PF / 750ML FALERNUM IS THE HIGH-PROOF FALERNUM YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU ALWAYS WANTED. Weighing In at 70 proof, this liqueur is infused with ginger, lime, pineapple, star anise, and other delicious ingredients, including a base of aged Caribbean rum. 90pts Beverage Testing Institute 2017 Orange Curacao 60PF/ 750ML We start with aged Cognac blended with brandy and real fruit. The result is a sweet, rich curacao with lots of flavor. A cost-effective replacement for pricey orange liqueurs. “Orange liqueurs aren’t very sexy. They are the soccer moms of the liqueur world, helping everything out, but not really shining on their own. We aim to change that. We spent two years working on an orange liqueur. We wanted to make the margarita shine.”

BOOMSMA HOLLAND, FRIESLAND Beerenburger Herbal Bitter 60PF / 750ML

An 11-herb tincture similar to Cloosterbitter but the botanicals are different. Full-bodied herbal bitter made by adding herbs to genever with notes of coriander, licorice, gentian, juniper berry and laurel. Has a smooth, yet bitter, finish. It is bracing neat, chilled and on the rocks—also a perfect bitter component in a whiskey-based cocktail. Clerkampster Cloosterbitter Liqueur 80PF / 100ML / 750ML This herbal bitter is produced by Dutch genever distiller Boomsma. Cloosterbitter is based on a 15th century recipe, made with a blend of 17 herbs and plants found in the Frisian meadows during the month of May. Delicious chilled on the rocks, in a mixed drink or in cocktails. “Tangy and sweet in the mouth, the ethereal softness complements the gentle herbal flavor that elaborates each sip before finishing with a touch of bitterness.” 91pts Excellent Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016



GABRIEL BOUDIER FRANCE, DIJON Knowledge and expertise of more than 140 years is at the heart of the House of Gabriel Boudier. A name that is now renowned worldwide. Since its foundation in 1874, Gabriel Boudier has originated and diversified into a range of exceptional products that delight enthusiasts of crème de fruits as well as liqueurs. Caramel Liqueur 36PF / 750ML Gabriel Boudier’s caramel liqueur has a strong aroma of butterscotch. In the mouth, it has a concentrated flavor of caramel with a hint of acidity, like molasses, which ends with the smoothness of toffee. Crème de Cassis Dijon 40PF / 750ML THE ORIGINAL SINCE 1874 Crème de Cassis de Dijon has been the symbol of tradition and expertise at Maison Boudier for over 100 years. Maintaining strict methods of production, it is made from the extract of macerating blackcurrant berries in alcohol (no preservatives or coloring, with limited sugar dissolved directly into the alcoholic juice of the blackcurrant berries at cold temperature. Crème de Framboise 40PF / 375ML / 750ML Obtained by macerating selected raspberry varieties from Scotland and Burgundy. Gabriel Boudier Maraschino Liqueur 40PF / 750ML This liqueur of maraschino cherries stands apart from others because the emphasis in the mouth is the taste of the flesh of the fruit. On the nose, one finds hints of almond, chocolate and very soon one thinks of a gâteau: Black Forest gâteau. In the mouth, the flavour of gourmet cherries returns and remains long on the palate. Gabriel Boudier Crème de Peche 36PF / 375ML / 750ML Obtained by macerating selected white peach varieties, including the vine peach. Gabriel Boudier Pink Grapefruit Liqueur 30PF / 750ML This high quality liqueur gets its flavor from the maceration of 100% real grapefruit. The sweetness is balanced perfectly with the clean, tart flavor of citrus.


Caprinatura Limoncello has always been produced using a single, time-honored recipe. A natural liqueur with excellent digestive properties, made by macerating peel taken from lemons grown and picked on the island for which this excellent liqueur is named. It is a simple, natural product, free of colorants, stabilizers, additives and preservatives. 92pts “Best Buy” Wine Enthusiast Caprinatura Liquore Di Mandarino 64PF / 750ML The best of our mandarin fruit is peeled by hand to preserve intact the aromas and flavors contained in their skins. Intense orange color, this digestive is characterized by a strong and pungent taste and a full, mellow, intense flavor. The right balance between alcohol content and aroma of scented mandarins freshly picked, and fills our liquor “Mandarin” CAPRINATURA a very distinctive flavor. DAMPFWERK DISTILLING USA, MINNE Dampfwerk, which means “steam works,” blends the industrial nature of steam power with the delicate extraction process used in distilling. Dampfwerk is a small-batch producer of fine European-style craft spirits, and brings a passion for experimentation to infuse them with a unique contemporary style. Ingredients including apples or grapes for fruit brandies, or premium gin botanicals are sourced from the highest-quality farms and suppliers. Dampfwerk Helgolander Herbal Liqueur 86PF / 375ML / 1.0L This unique spiced bitter liqueur recipe heralds from the rugged island of Helgoland in the North Sea, known for its windy and cold climate. Its strong spice and botanical load, with pronounced gentian notes, will make it clear there is a new half-bitter in town that can be sipped on its own or in a mixed drink. There’s a reason why this recipe has been around for so long. Dampfwerk Pfeffersack Herbal Liqueur 86PF / 375ML A traditional German bitter liqueur referred to in Germany as a stomach better (Magenbitter) due to the inherent qualities of the botanicals, including junipers, bitter orange peel, angelica, gentian root, and saffron, among many others. This recipe originated from the old family recipe book with a few adaptions to appease the FDA. Dampfwerk Rabbit In The Rye Herbal Liqueur 86PF / 375ML The Rabbit in the Rye is a bold new blend of a traditional Thuringia bitter liqueur from Germany and an all-American rye whiskey. The distinct botanical, aromatic flavors of this old-world liqueur merge with the spicy, peppery rye and create an unexpected American twist.

EL DIABLO TEQUIE 50ML Tequila 20ML Gabriel Boudier Crème De Cassis 25ML Lime Juice Top Up With Ginger Beer Garnish with Lime Wheel, in a high ball —BOUDIER.COM


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