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PORTFOLIO 2024 READY TO DRINK SINGLE SERVE A collection of leading Premium RTD Beverages from the District of Columbia portfolio

CANNED WINES & WINE COCKTAILS ALMARE ITALY ITEM # ITEM DESCRIPTION CASE PACK QTY Classico Spritz Made from 100% Glera and infused with bitter orange and botanicals, Classico has flavors of bitter orange, rhubarb and herbs and is pleasantly refreshing and bitter. Serve over ice with a slice of orange and enjoy! 714243 Hugo Elderflower Spritz Made from 100% Glera and infused with botanicals of elderflower, lemon and mint, the flavor is pleasingly fruity and fresh with herbal notes. Serve over ice with a garnish of lemon and mint. 545100 Pompelmo Rosa Pink Grapefruit Spritz Made from 100% Glera and infused with grapefruit and botanicals, Rosa is pleasingly pink and refreshing. Serve over ice with a slice of grapefruit and enjoy! BROADBENT PORTUGAL ITEM # ITEM DESCRIPTION CASE PACK QTY PRICE 24 x 250mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $73.99 291898 Spritzy Rosé Wine Cans NV Red grape varietals are grown and produced in the Barcelos commune. Fresh strawberry, pomegranate and orange zest, which are corralled by a pleasantly light spritz. 541406 Spritzy White Wine Cans NV Grown and produced in the Barcelos commune, IVV approved. Fresh, tart with green apple, crisp and zesty finish. TIAMO ITALY ITEM # ITEM DESCRIPTION CASE PACK QTY PRICE 24 x 355mL 1cs $92.00 574500 Terre di Chieti Rosé Cans NV Medium pink color and slightly fizzy. It is a very good rose: round, fruity, balanced, and quite long on the finish, tasting of plum, pepper, and citrus fruit. A serious wine-in-a-can. 765657 Venezia Pinot Grigio Cans NV Lovely bright crispness to it while also charming fresh fruit flavors of apricots and peaches. ZARDETTO ITALY ITEM # ITEM DESCRIPTION CASE PACK QTY PRICE 24 x 200mL / 8 x 3pk 1cs $101.36 3cs $79.92 366122 Spritz NV Gentian, rhubarb, and orange skins are infused with Zardetto's sparkling white wine to to create this authentic Italian Spritz, capturing the unique and vibrant style of Zardetto in a modern, accessible single-serve screwcap. PRICE 6 x 750mL 1cs 1btl $65.94 $12.33 621849

Distinctly Mediterranean with low alcohol and no added sugar

One of your favorite wines, now in a can!

Made with organic grapes

A high quality, ready to-drink spritz cocktail produced with Zardetto prosecco.





12 x 750mL

1cs 1btl

$76.20 $7.01

850979 Cidre de Bretagne Brut Full-bodied ripe apple with vegetal notes and a rustic, fruity character. 12 x 750mL

Premium craft ciders; vegan and gluten free

1cs 1btl

$84.12 $8.01

223437 Organic Cidre For those looking for a unique sparkling experience. It has aromas of ripe apples with a scent of apple blossom.



12 x 375mL

1cs 1btl

$95.88 $7.99

686806 Brooklyn Kura Collaboration No 139 Oishii Cider "Oishii" translates to delicious in Japanese. With handpicked apple juice and a Ginjo-style sake yeast from local New York sake house Brooklyn Kura. The result of this slow and cold fermentation captures the essence of Japanese Sake and our modern vibrant cider. 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $66.50 889103 No. 139 Botanical Dry Cider Bottles Hazy rose in color with a slight orange hue and earth tones. The aroma is beautifully fresh and spicy with Ginger and Lemon scent. The mouth-feel is vibrant with a refreshing effervescent mousse and has lovely texture from the Botanicals. 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $48.00 969589 No. 139 Dry Hibiscus Rosé Cider Bottles Light, shiny rose in color. Beautiful floral aromas fill the air full of Hibiscus and red current. The mouthfeel is fruit driven with ripe apple flavors and more Hibiscus notes. There is a very satisfying vibrancy and almost a vanilla character. 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $66.50 600656 No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider Bottles 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $68.00 115255 No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider Cans Bright shiny rose in color. Fantastic fresh floral notes fill the glass; the Crispin aromas especially stand out with fine hints of yeast. The mouth-feel is pure and clean, with a nice balance of sweet fruit, elegant acidity and fine tannins that provide a long and pleasant finish. 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $66.50 554514 No. 139 Dry White Cider Bottles 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $48.00 530746 No. 139 Dry White Cider Cans Clear shiny pale yellow in color. Beautiful fresh apple aromas and fine hints of yeast fill the glass. The mouth-feel is elegant with a wonderful light structure and the perfect balance of fruit, vibrant acidity, soft tannins, and a little residual sugar, all magnified by a playful CO2 fizz.

Hand picked from high quality apple orchards in Rochester, NY.

PREPARED COCKTAILS GREENBAR DISTILLERY HIGHBALLS CALIFORNIA ITEM # ITEM DESCRIPTION CASE PACK QTY PRICE 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $77.22 195440 City Gin + Tonic Cans A G&T based on the vibrant food scenes of America’s cities — bright, bold, and 100% original. 7% ABV 364122 Coastal Rum + Cola Cans A craft take on a tropical favorite — richer, spicier and more complex. 7% ABV 854956 Single Malt Whiskey + Soda Cans A meticulously balanced highball with an American single malt base — light, floral & dry. 7% ABV

Rich, complex and organic, Greenbar highballs taste like the best cocktails should.

GREENBAR DISTILLERY SPRITZES CALIFORNIA ITEM # ITEM DESCRIPTION CASE PACK QTY PRICE 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $77.22 724598 Hibiscus Spritz Cans The American craft version of an Italian tradition — bubbly, slightly sweet with backbone. 6% ABV

Bubbly, slightly sweet with backbone, these spritz are a treat.





6 x 700mL

1cs 1btl

$127.98 $22.67

The Poli Distillery is a historic artisanal enterprise founded in 1898.

554130 Negroni Liquore Cocktail Poli Negroni is made with equal parts of Marconi 42 Gin, Gran Bassano Rosso and Super Taurus bitter. An astonishing amount of herbs are infused in a solution of alcohol and water at 30% ABV for 20 days in order to produce the natural aromas necessary for the three ingredients of this great cocktail.


NON-ALCOHOLIC PREPARED COCKTAILS GREENBAR DISTILLERY BITTERS + SODAS CALIFORNIA Burnt Orange Bitters + Soda Cans Full of zest & vigor, this bitters + soda tantalizes with the heady flavors of sweet orange, bitter grapefruit and smokey tea. 881871 Earl Grey Bitters + Soda Cans Exotic, complex yet immediately recognizable, this bitters + soda balances bergamot orange, black tea and baking spices. 994437 Lavender Bitters + Soda Cans Like a stroll through a spring garden, this bitters + soda bursts with the tastes and smells of nature in full bloom. ITEM # ITEM DESCRIPTION CASE PACK QTY PRICE 24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs $66.00 791499

Enjoy this craft take on the classic bitters & soda with three unique flavors.







24 x 355mL / 6 x 4pk 1cs


900782 Hibiscus UnSpritz Cans Floral, fuchsia and fun, this California version of an afternoon Italian tradition lets you chill without a buzz. 651453 UnGin + Tonic Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Cans Bright, zesty and dry, Greenbar UnGin+Tonic packs all of the qualities of a freshly-made G&T into a canned cocktail...save for the buzz. 732241 UnRum + Cola Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Cans With Greenbar UnRum+Cola’s real rum flavores layered with baking spices, fresh citrus and kola nut, skipping the buzz means no compromise.

All the flavor. None of the buzz.


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