CA - Kegged Wine Portfolio

STELLA ITALY Italian for “star,” Stella Pinot Grigio is a tribute to nature’s most vital star – the sun. ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG DEPOSIT $159.99 $.24 Stella’s vibrant flavors of pear, lime, apple are cultivated in the long, sun-drenched days of Italy’s Noth-Eastern region, while fresh acidity and floral aromas are preserved under cool, star-studded evening skies. Infused with the very essence of the sun, Stella is sure to brighten any occasion. TIAMO ITALY Tiamo, made with organic grapes, represents top quality wines from the best growers in their respective regions. ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG DEPOSIT FRONTLINE COST PER SIZE AMOUNT PRICE OUNCE TIOBAR21Z Barbera 2021 20.0L NA $148.53 $.22 Made from organic grapes, this wine is intense, dry, and fruity on the nose. The palate is full and warm, with perfectly balanced tannins. TIOPGO21Z Pinot Grigio 2021 20.0L NA $160.00 $.24 The wine is fresh, crisp and dry, but has a tremendous amount of flavor and body. There are suggestions of apple and pear on both the bouquet and the palate. TORTOISE CREEK CALIFORNIA Tortoise Creek is a line of outstanding varietal wines that have been sourced from top vineyard sites throughout California. ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG DEPOSIT FRONTLINE COST PER SIZE AMOUNT PRICE OUNCE TEKCCS20Z Cabernet SauvignonFF 2020 19.5L $30 $200.00 $.30 This Cabernet Sauvignon is loaded with aromas and flavors of red and black cherries supported by vanilla and cedar nuances. It is beautifully balanced with both fruit and tannins. An ideal pairing with grilled meats, sausages or stews. TEKCHA20Z Chardonnay FF 2020 19.5L $30 $201.04 $.30 This Chardonnay boasts bright, fresh aromas and flavors of citrus, pear, apple and white flowers. Its creamy texture is supported by fresh acidity and a long, clean finish. TEKSBJ20Z Sauvignon Blanc FF 2020 19.5L $30 $201.04 $.30 Crisp and dry with notes of white peach and tropical fruits. This is a perfect match for classic Sauvignon Blanc pairings, including fresh sushi, oysters, seared scallops, roasted lime chicken and lemon sole fillet. FRONTLINE COST PER SIZE AMOUNT PRICE OUNCE 30300391 Bianco Pinot Grigio NV 20.0L NA

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