CA - Kegged Wine Portfolio

SANTA JULIA ARGENTINA The #1 organic producer in Argentina. ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG






SJACSR20Z Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva FF 2020 19.5L $30 $195.00 $.30 Ruby with purple hues. Notes of mature forest fruits complemented by subtle spicy notes of black pepper, paprika, with an herbal touch. It has a mouth end of i ntense dark fruit presence. SJAMRA20Z Malbec Reserva FF 2020 19.5L $30 $190.52 $.29 Dark violet with blue hues. Nose of ripe red and black fruits such as cherries, plums, and blackberries. Notes of vanilla, chocolate, and snuff. Medium-bodied flavor, with soft tannins and balanced acidity with a fruity and spicy finish. SEA PEARL NEW ZEALAND Classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG DEPOSIT FRONTLINE COST PER SIZE AMOUNT PRICE OUNCE SEPSBC22Z Sauvignon Blanc 2022 19.5L $30 $208.00 $.32 Pungent aromas of sweet grass, nettles, blackcurrants and gooseberries, backed up by fresh zesty lime characters. The palate is light-bodied, which builds up and ends on a long, fine and appetizingmineral finish with undertones of ripe greens, gooseberry and currants. SEAN MINOR CALIFORNIA These wines aim to highlight the beloved fruit grown in the beautiful state of California and are created to be paired with any occasion. ITEM # WINE DESCRIPTION KEG DEPOSIT FRONTLINE COST PER SIZE AMOUNT PRICE OUNCE SNMCBP21Z 4B Cabernet SauvPasoRobles PET 2021 20.0L NA $221.00 $.33 Warm raspberry pie and fresh blackcurrants combine with flavors of cedar and spice in this classic Cabernet. Curl up next to the fire and get those marshmallows ready. SNMCHY21Z 4B Chardonnay PET 2021 20.0L NA $221.00 $.33 Crisp fruit layers of pear, apple, grilled pineapple and subtle notes of vanilla bean. The entry weaves exuberant tropical elements with green apple and white peach framed with gentle acidity. Inviting flavors will fill your palate and offer a beautiful lengthy finish. SNMPNR21Z 4B Pinot Noir PET 2021 20.0L NA $221.00 $.33 Enticing aromas of ripe plum, bouquet of violets and cocoa powder. Generous flavors of dark cherry and blackberry play the lead role mid palate with earthy floral notes and a touch of cedar spice. Bright acidity gives way to a lingering silky finish. SNMSBC21Z 4B Sauvignon Blanc PET 2021 20.0L NA $221.00 $.33 Vibrant and juicy with aromas of fresh ruby grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruit. On the palate, the combined flavors of lush melon, fig and lime are balanced perfectly to form a crisp, mouthwatering texture. A compelling finish leads to another sip.

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